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Susan Phillips Hicks creates works in the areas of drawing, digital art, painting, and fiber. She has a BA degree with a concentration in textile design from James Madison University. After working in the graphic design and pre-press field, she returned to weaving and explored the joys of Adobe and 2D art, becoming active in Shockoe Bottom Arts and Artworks in Richmond, VA. Currently, with handheld devices becoming the norm, she returns to pet portraiture, using a tablet app to draw with - something only done on canvas thus far. Her formerly folk art paintings became near photo-realistic drawings. She also returns to abstract photomanipulation collage bringing surface design sensibilities to her work.


Now Susan is a resident of Alexandria, Virginia, USA. As an active fiber artist, she exhibited fiber / wet felting sculpture in the 2013 "Shapes" show at the Torpedo Factory's Art League Gallery along with entries in the Student/Faculty shows and each year's Art League School ArtFete. She has also been featured in the reader's gallery of premiere felting magazine Verfilzt und Zugenäht (currently Filzfun).

Currently, Susan lends her efforts to drawing, painting and photomontages of traditional subjects, abstract art, current events, and dreams to keep her online shops fresh.


Susan is grateful to have the ever inspiring support of her husband and pup in a happy marriage.

... and current life.


"I am an outsider artist at heart. I do what I have to do, because it oozes from my pores. If my work is chaotic, it's an honest insight to how my brain works. If it is pattern oriented, it is from years as a textile designer. All I ever want to do is bring a bit of joy about for viewers of my work. I am not going to follow "the rules" and join the hordes of lifeless artists I see online just to try to sell images. Do I miss the mark sometimes? Yes, but I do it knowing it's a step along the way. I must remain true to myself in a world where originality seems to be discouraged. I invite you to witness my journey." - SPH

Mission Statement