612 Lake View Terrace


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12x12 inch, Abstract Oil on Canvas, knife painting, colorful, square, grid, city, aerial view - melasdesign - 612 Lake View Terrace

612 Lake View Terrace, 12x12 palette knife painting, oil on canvas is sampled mainly from a cool palette. This painting was made on a sultry, late Spring day and is the product of wishful thinking. Painting the canvas from all sides, I was reminded of a day many years ago, when the breeze cooled the warm air on a lovely balcony terrace, with a view of Lake Michigan. Look closely, and you can see a sailboat floating on the calm water. The terrace is flooded with colors - Summer dresses, the red coals of the grill and the pale green umbrella.

This painting measures 12x12. It has painted gallery edges. Wire and fixtures will come with the painting, because I want you to decided which orientation you like best. Since the painting was created with me constantly circling the canvas, this is a meaningful option.

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