Domino Scarf


Shibori Dyed and Stamped 8x72 Domino Pink Purple Pewter Habotai Silk Scarf from Melasdesign with Eco Friendly Dyes 8mm

The "Domino" Scarf has a pleasing pastel pink and purple color scheme with iridescent pewter spatter paint "O" stamped design. Shibori dyed, 8mm Habotai silk 8x72", it is dyed with eco friendly acid dyes that have no heavy metals in them.

Care and feeding: Hand wash cold with a tad of shampoo. Then iron on "silk" setting, best while a bit damp, or with steam setting if using dry cloth.

Blue and Rainbow Sculpture Felt Vessel, Sculptural, The Whirligig Vase / Wine Cozy - Hand Felted Wool Vase with Glass Vase Interior

Made of Merino Wool, this felted vase is frilly, so each viewpoint is different, with a sculptural,  free flowing effect. Rainbow colors are offset by black and royal blue. Vase measures 7.5" tall, 3.5" diameter and has a glass vase at the core, so it does hold water! Perfect for presenting a bouquet in! The felt cover also stands on its own, without the glass vase in the center, and can be displayed simply as a sculptural felt vessel.

Shipping included in price.