Flowers and Squares Scarf


Nuno-Felt Flowers and Squares Scarf - White, Blue and Yellow on Black 56x6 by Melasdesign

A warm, soft scarf of 100% Black Merino Wool felt embellished with nuno-felted silk squares and flower patterned silk in white, blue and yellow, with a fine flower patterned nuno-felt border. Nuno-felting is the process of combining wool felt with another fabric (usually silk) so that they become a new solid fabric with no sewing involved. Scarf measures 56x6"

Blue and Rainbow Sculpture Felt Vessel, Sculptural, The Whirligig Vase / Wine Cozy - Hand Felted Wool Vase with Glass Vase Interior

Made of Merino Wool, this felted vase is frilly, so each viewpoint is different, with a sculptural,  free flowing effect. Rainbow colors are offset by black and royal blue. Vase measures 7.5" tall, 3.5" diameter and has a glass vase at the core, so it does hold water! Perfect for presenting a bouquet in! The felt cover also stands on its own, without the glass vase in the center, and can be displayed simply as a sculptural felt vessel.

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