Upscale items - Best commission for the artist.

Which Art-to-Product Shop Should I Choose?

Melasdesign offers printed merch with Susan Phillips Hicks' artwork through many different art-to-product outlets, and each has its own advantage as far as what products it offers. It can be confusing, so Susan would like to offer a little guidance that might help you get to what you're after quicker.

CafePress is the oldest art-to-print outlet used by Melasdesign. It is best selected for home decor items and the offers the widest variety of products per single design. Discounts are always offered on the home page. Use search term "Melasdesign" (or use link above) to find my products and use the coupon code from the front page to get a discount.

RedBubble is print-on-command company based out of Australia and the US, with an ever-expanding product line. They have good customer service, to the extent that once when I ordered a shirt and got the sizes mixed up, they told me to just keep it, and they'd send out another. They have a great line of fashionable clothing including mini-skirts and dresses, and leggings with all over prints - especially nice with Susan's surface design sensibilities. Site offers prints, phone cases, i-cases, duvet covers, bags, paperware, mugs, tapestries and scarves among other things, in addition to fashion. Coupons and sales can often be found on the site's homepage.

It is the most upscale and "artsy" shop. This is the place to go for the best quality prints, and unique site offerings like backpacks, duvet covers, curtains, shower curtains, and bath mats. Melasdesign earns the best commission per product sold from this site. Wide variety of products including art prints and canvases, tshirts, full print duvets, comforters, backpacks, tapestries, throws, tapestries and shower curtains, pillows, cases and skins, towels, wall clocks and mugs. Most items I've seen involve assembly in the US. Look at the homepage for sales, or keep up with big offers through my Instagram.

Widest variety of products

Fashion clothing, customer service

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