Melasdesign = Artist Susan Hicks

Welcome to Melasdesign / Artist Susan Hicks' world of creativity and imagination. Add some stardust to your shopping cart with original jewelry, fiber creations + surface design on silk fashion and home decor, and original paintings and drawings in Melasdesign Handmade Shop. Melasdesign Handmade Darkness is your on-site source for alternative jewelry, silk / fiber fashion of the witchy, and moonchild genre, and a growing collection of stellar home decor. This site also offers a springboard to off-site Melasdesign print-to-order shops (Art of Where, Society6, and CafePress).

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Off-Site Shops

Choose from three off-site Melasdesign print-to-order shops for a myriad of product choices. Melasdesign shops on Art of Where, Society6, and CafePress offer diverse product lines with art from Melasdesign, so the warehouse is handled by THEM, keeping the Melasdesign studio from bursting at the seams. Each purchase benefits the artist (at least a little). Read more about these shops below. Going handmade (see above) is the best way to support the artist.

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Music by Melasdesign

BUT WAIT!!!!! There's Even a Bit of Musical Fun from Melasdesign on BandCamp and SoundCloud - By popular demand!


Amsterdam Dream