Bigfoot Sighting in West Virginia

On a quiet day in the small town of Thomas, West Virginia, residents were startled by a large, furry, biped creature running amok in the south end of town. After rumors of previous Sasquatch activity and Bigfoot sightings in the area over the years, this footage offers shocking new evidence of a possible Bigfoot. Will the Rail Trail ever be the same again with knowledge of this beast afoot? See the amazing video below.

After scads of Bigfoot reports starting in the 1950’s, sightings of the apelike creature have been filed officially with the FBI since 1976, according to the History Channel. Despite numerous photographs, videos, footprint casts, and even examination of submitted hair samples, the Bureau has never deemed any evidence to be conclusive. Could this video start the next chapter in the ongoing saga? Watch, and decide.

In the meantime, alternative evidence of the Bigfoot sighting has been uncovered that suggests a new scenario.

Alternative Footage – NSFW (minor expletive emoting from pure shock).

Whatever this might be, this Bigfoot sighting was one of my happiest experiences yet in Thomas, West Virginia. My suspicion is a neighbor’s kid was having some fun…. and I’m truly glad to have had just enough time to grab my camera when the call came in that something was up on the Rail Trail. I really want to offer this creature some brown shoes, so that any future “Unsolved Mysteries” style videos will be a bit easier to edit, but just as much fun. I was getting a Gossamer (red monster from Bugs Bunny) vibe, which was frankly even more endearing. Thanks, you know who you are. It made my day. I love this town.

PS: See more inspiration from near the Rail Trail in the form of some beautiful mandala art: Cement Pipes and Imagination – Subscribe to this blog for further artistic fun.



Susan Hicks | Alexandria, Virginia | Thomas, West Virginia

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