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This blog is not a diagnostic resource. It is a recounting of my own experiences for the purpose of Myasthenia Gravis awareness, and support for other sufferers. Always refer to your doctor’s advice and diagnosis when handling your own symptoms.

Find straight facts on Myasthenia Gravis here. This Australian MG resource is factual, clear, and not just fluff. I recommend it.

Coronavirus and Myasthenia Gravis

This blog post is short and sweet. Is the (Novel) Coronavirus still circulating and you have Myasthenia Gravis? If so, self-sequestering or at least social distancing is imperative. You are an immunocompromised high risk subject. It is an absolute MUST that you stay indoors at home, while also not inviting people in. Self-sequestering saves lives and lightens the load on your area’s health system. If you do venture out, be sure it is away from the mass public. You must practice social distancing. Take advantage of any opportunity to have groceries and necessities delivered, or at the very least, travel along with someone to go shopping, but send them in with the list. The following post briefly explains how the virus and MG may interact while also suggesting some positive ways to get through this rather unusual and unfortunate epoch.

As with any other virus, all-over Myasthenia Gravis symptoms may worsen. Even more concerning is the aspect that the virus is hardest on the respiratory system in any patient. In the virus’s worst cases, folks are having to be put on ventilators, with even that not helping in the end with a minor percentage in the overview of sufferers. Myasthenia Gravis can lead to the need for a respirator in Myasthenic Crisis, even when the lungs are free of mucous and viral activity. I can only imagine the strain that Coronavirus symptoms would put on an already weakened body already having a propensity towards failing lung strength from MG. Should you start having virus symptoms as a high risk individual, go see your doctor. Use a mask when cold or flu-like symptoms appear to keep contagions from spreading. Do all you can to keep that non-MG induced ickiness to yourself, and work on getting help.

For some people, self-sequestering seems like a terrible fate. My advice is the same as for folks who are mainly home based with Myasthenia Gravis (as I am). Get a hobby. Read a book. Call friends. Learn to cook. Truly, seriously with that one. Eating pre-prepped stuff out of boxes from the store really isn’t great for anyone’s health. Do that home project you’ve been putting off. Reorganize. Someone once said “If you’re bored, then you’re boring.” Don’t be boring. In my next blog post I go into an in depth comparison of how being chronically ill is similar to a life under lockdown. See if you agree.

Try not to rely on social media and questionable television as your means of breaking the monotony that inevitably arises when stuck at home to avoid catching Coronavirus on top of your Myasthenia Gravis diagnosis. As much as we all want to keep posted on developments locally and across the world concerning the virus, there’s still such a thing as only tuning in now and then. Stop. Center yourself. Look around at all you still do have, and hopefully the virus-free level of health you are still at. Follow the advice of the paragraph above and distract yourself. I’ve heard many healthcare workers say that people who obsess about the virus and all the news being constantly churned out about it are inevitably the people worse struck by illness. Fear and worry weaken the immune system, which would make any MG patient an even more high risk potential COVID-19 victim. Don’t add extra strain on your natural defenses by obsessing or becoming a victim of fear mongering.

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