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Melasdesign Handmade Darkness

Chunky Bronze Star Crystal Skull Earrings in Fire Orange

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$40.00 CAD

Sizzle a little with these handmade bronze star earrings accented with amazingly hot orange Swarovski crystal skulls. The Chunky Bronze Star and Crystal Skull Earrings in Fire Orange are serious fun. The large, hand cut bronze stars have been treated with a special coating, so the bronze will never need polishing. The fire orange crystal skulls are much smaller, but with a glow 10x their size! These handmade earrings contrast large stars and small crystals with a large shine.

This listing is for ONE PAIR of “Chunky Bronze Star Crystal Skull Earrings in Fire Orange”
They're handmade - not mass produced.

You get:
•These star and skull earrings measuring approximately 2.5″ long

The Presentation: These handcrafted skull and star earrings come in their own spiffy drawstring pouch, suitable for gift giving. 

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