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  • Waning Crescent Moon and Stars Pendant; pagan jewelry; waning moon necklace; crescent moon jewelry; copper moon jewelry; jewelry for positive energy; handmade; one of a kind; Melasdesign Handmade Shop; Susan Hicks
  • Crescent Moon and Stars Pendant; Copper Necklace; Handmade jewelry; one of a kind; waning moon necklace; Melasdesign Handmade Shop; wiccan jewelry; pagan jewelry
  • Crescent Moon and Stars Necklace; Melasdesign Handmade Shop; jewelry for positive energy;; New age necklace; gift idea; waning moon jewelry; pagan jewelry; wiccan jewelry
  • Crescent Moon and Stars Pendant; wiccan jewelry; new age jewelry; moon and stars necklace; copper jewelry; handmade; Melasdesign Handmade Shop
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Melasdesign Handmade Darkness

Crescent Moon and Stars Pendant

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$44.00 CAD
A one of a kind sculpted copper pendant of an organic waning moon with two deeply engraved stars presented on a twisted black satin and earthy green colored waxed cotton cord measuring 19". -- Presenting hand sculpted and engraved crescent moon jewelry as an ode in copper to Lady Moon. I love the moon and would not settle for a hum-drum rendition of her likeness. Not one to think of the moon's glow as cold, I chose warm hued copper and sculpted with organic shape and depth for attractive light play, energy, and shine. I chose to engrave two stars in the thick copper moon. The twisted satin and cotton waxed cord offers in black and green offers color contrast to the copper glow of moonshine. The typical orientation of the moon was also not suitable for this design. Mela's moon is waning, not waxing like most bejeweled depictions, making this jewelry for positive energy. This phase of the moon signals time to banish negativity. Who needs negativity? Really?  According to some, waning moon energy is also said to rid one of illness and bad habits too. So, it's an alternative crescent moon pendant in the waning phase, for those interested in pagan jewelry. As the moon wanes, life heads towards renewal, and gets rid of some of the nasty stuff in the process.

This listing is for ONE “Crescent Moon and Stars Pendant”
It’s a one of a kind handmade sculptural pendant jewelry for positive energy, after all.

You get:
•This Crescent Moon and Stars Pendant measuring approximately 1.5″ long
•One 19" twisted satin and waxed cotton cord with lobster clasp

The Presentation: This original Crescent Moon and Stars Pendant comes wrapped in anti-tarnish cloth in its own spiffy drawstring pouch, suitable for gift giving - A gift for an occasion on the waning moon? A thoughtful pagan jewelry symbol for someone needing a little less negative energy or a sense of renewal in their life? A bit of pagan jewelry for your favorite moon gazer?

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