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  • Dreaming of India Stud Earrings; jewelry style of India; Mehndi earrings fine silver small earrings; inverted teardrop shape earrings; printed texture earrings; for sale by artist; designer Susan Hicks; Melasdesign Handmade Shop
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Dreaming of India Mehndi Earrings

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Handmade one of a kind stacked shape earrings with imprinted patterns in Fine Silver. Mehndi style stud earrings inspired by India, designed in Virginia, USA. -- Introducing my first mehndi style jewelry "Dreaming of India Mehndi Earrings" - The design is stacked shape jewelry as small stud earrings in Fine Silver. I love the art and architecture, color, fashion, and spirituality of India (sans caste system). Mela, as it turns out, means fair or fete (as in outside gathering to sell homemade goods) in Hindi 'मेला - appropriate to my current venture - offering jewelry and art sold by artist. It also means "apple" in Italian and "technic" in Ethiopian, but I digress. The upside-down teardrop shape of these textured, stacked shape earrings evoke thoughts of festive Mehndi motifs seen in traditional Hindu henna adornment. The stamped textures were inspired by the wonderful hand-carved wood block stamps from India used in textile surface design. These images were in my mind as I created these stacked shape earrings. I'd always wanted to make jewelry inspired by India. This would be "alternative Indian subcontinent style," since the small earrings are made of Fine Silver, and not the gold seemingly preferred in photos and fashion spreads. This India inspired jewelry can be dressed up or down according to mood and situation.

This listing is for ONE pair of “Dreaming of India Mehndi Earrings”
They're handmade and one of a kind mehndi style jewelry, after all.

You get:
• This pair of Fine Silver stud earrings with Sterling Silver posts

The Presentation: Melasdesign Dreaming of India Mehndi Earrings come wrapped in anti-tarnish cloth in their own spiffy drawstring pouch mounted on a "Melasdesign" earring card, suitable for gift giving.