Music during MRI testing? At Georgetown University Hospital as of June 2019 FM Radio is available for some patients.
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This blog is not a diagnostic resource. It is a recounting of my own experiences for the purpose of Myasthenia Gravis awareness, and support for other sufferers. Always refer to your doctor’s advice and diagnosis when handling your own symptoms.

Find straight facts on Myasthenia Gravis here. This Australian MG resource is factual, clear, and not just fluff. I recommend it.

I recommend the NeuroTalk MG forum for very reasonable interactive patient support for Myasthenia Gravis patients and their families. 

Georgetown University Hospital MRI Music

Wondering about MRI noise level at Georgetown University Hospital? As of June 19, 2019 Georgetown University Hospital Radiology offers music during MRI tests via FM radio only. It is not possible to bring your own music. There is no iPod / Device hookup and no CD player. For tests that require your head to be still, no music is usually possible. The earphones that provide the FM radio sound are big enough that most patients cannot wear them due to space limitations. Together with headphones, the cushions used to immobilize the patient’s head for a clean scan cause uncomfortable crowding. I was not able to get this information on the hospital website or from the radiology department phone operator. I hope this might help other patients who are wondering about how to best handle a long scan. All that said, the hearing protection provided plus barrier cushions for head immobilization made my scan experience entirely bearable. For some reason, MRI noise at Georgetown for a lumbar spine scan was much louder than upper spine and brain. My MRI experiences at Inova Mount Vernon were much louder than my Georgetown University Hospital MRI experience. That might have been blamed on lesser hearing protection. Just a tidbit from a gal dealing with a somewhat rare disease and getting some other mighty odd stuff looked into. Be well and healthy, and have a good test with Georgetown University Hospital Radiology.

Susan Hicks

Susan Hicks

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