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Welcome to Melasdesign Handmade Darkness – the dark corner of Melasdesign Handmade Shop. Browse the artist owned and operated dark art and fashion (silk scarves & handmade jewelry) online shop from Susan Hicks (aka Mela). This fashion accessory shop features alternative jewelry for men and women, skull jewelry, and witchy scarves. Other favorite dark art and jewelry designs include alien lore, plus magick and pagan designs. Mela’s got original modern dark art for sale along with fine gothic jewelry for a goth prom. 

Browse Halloween gift ideas for a bit of romance in Melasdesign Handmade Darkness’ macabre jewelry and art shop. Peruse horror fan delights like art and goth jewelry with skulls. Shop original gothic jewelry design from fun to fine as featured in this macabre art shop section. For some this is Halloween costume fun. For others, dark hearts beat all year long. Where do you fall?  There’s dark romantic jewelry, and skull art for dark parlors. 

New items in Melasdesign Handmade Darkness include witchy scarves that are one of a kind silk fashion or gypsy home decor.  Maybe a pierced heart necklace or nihilistic silver design will top off your favorite gothic outfit. Necklaces in silver and copper paired with matching chains or even adventures in varieties of black necklaces. Don’t forget dark abstract art either. Mela wishes you a wicked shopping experience in her gothic jewelry, witchy fashion, gypsy decor, and dark art for sale by artist online. 

Offering the widest range of home decor, tabletop goods, bags, tapestry, and tech, plus fashion, furniture, and more amazing darkness from the Melasdesign Shop on Society6. Print to order macabre (unsigned) art for sale from Melasdesign. 

Alternative Jewelry and Accessories

Witchy Silk Fashion / Gypsy Decor

Dark Art

Shop original moonstruck dark art and signed art prints by artist Susan Hicks. Abstract paintings and digital art, plus dark art illustration.

Melasdesign Handmade Shop; original handmade jewelry by Susan Hicks / Melasdesign
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