A bit about why I make art. I make art, because it gets me through life’s inherent surrounding hardships. Looking inwards and then outwards through myself and channeling this into an *attempt* at creating beauty. Cognitive dissonance.

By way of an introduction, I'm Susan, the person behind everything "Melasdesign." Although I have a degree in art and have always had something creative going at one level or the other, it's just been in the last few years that I've started coming into my own as an artist. Two factors have greatly aided this leap: Finally finding a place that is actually "home" in all of the good senses of the word and having several debilitating long term chronic illnesses starting to get under control. I am thrilled and grateful to have found peace, strength, and moral support in Thomas, WV and its gorgeous mountain setting, in an area where being an artist is almost the norm, and there are plenty of us witchy folks too!

While also operating out of Alexandria, VA, this idea of Melasdesign reaches back to the early 00's. Since then I've been slowly becoming Mela - my truest self. I've searched to find my path, all the while learning valuable skills and honing a style, holding true to the desire to keep honoring the artist that has always been in me. I started with a basis in fiber art, jewelry design, and 2D art and have expanded to laser cut materials, 3D printing, and CNC router design. In 2023 I began re-exploring hand-building ceramics. My husband's support has been invaluable in my evolution, and we're finding increasing ways to work on projects together as both of us learn new creative technologies. We both have an enthusiasm for learning new skills and remain curious about what the world has to offer. ⁠