Handcrafted fashion necklaces sold by artist. Fashion necklaces featuring handmade silver, bronze, copper, and polymer clay pendants paired with chains of sterling silver, bronze, copper, suede, rubber and more. Necklace with enameled copper pendants are also offered. Designs from Alexandria Va, Thomas WV – Melasdesign necklace. Art necklace styles from fine to casual, classy, and witchy to  geek. Melasdesign Handmade Shop features original necklace designs, often one of a kind, sold by artist. Small business cottage industry artisan necklaces with sculpted beads and pendants. Pendant styles range from organic hand-sculpted shapes to geometric pattern beads. Shop flower necklace gifts. Get goth prom jewelry. Pick from horror / sci-fi themes and abstract shapes. Affordable jewelry in bronze, copper, silver, and polymer clay. Art necklaces from artist Susan Hicks. Original designs for artsy outfits. Fashionable necklaces for bold individuals.

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