Melasdesign Handmade Darkness

Melasdesign Handmade Darkness is the dark corner of Melasdesign Handmade Shop – the artist owned and operated online source for original Melasdesign witchy style, dark artwork, and gothic jewelry. Motifs include moon phase jewelry and silk fashion, skull designs, alien lore, gothic imagery, and dark art and illustration. Find jewelry for a goth prom, Halloween gift ideas, and horror fan delights. Shop original dark and pagan jewelry design from fun to fine as featured in this macabre shop section.  These themes are close to the artist’s dark heart. Shop dark romantic jewelry, and skull illustrations for dark parlors. Shop alien themed jewelry for sci-fi fans. Maybe a pierced heart necklace or nihilistic silver design will top off your favorite gothic outfit. Witchy jewelry is also on the list with crescent moons and lore based designs. Gothic jewelry and skull necklaces in silver and copper paired with matching chains or even adventures in varieties of black necklaces. Don’t forget dark abstract art either. All of this is artist direct from Melasdesign Handmade Darkness.

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