Organic Waveform Pendant - Original handmade bronze jewelry as a pendant sold by artist Susan Hicks in Melasdesign Handmade Shop
Waveform Pendant - Virginia / West Virginia Handmade Jewelry - for sale by artist - bronze organic sculpture curvy pendant from Melasdesign Handmade Shop - necklace on black rubber cord.
Melasdesign Handmade Shop - Organic Waveform Pendant - handmade abstract sculpture pendant with velvet texture on thick black rubber cord necklace from Susan Hicks
Melasdesign Handmade Shop

Organic Waveform Pendant

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An abstract sculptural pendant likening a dancer or a genie appearing, handmade in affordable, lightly textured bronze on an 18" black rubber cord.


A sculptural pendant with curves and depth in handmade bronze from Melasdesign. It's abstract sculpture art jewelry entitled "Organic Waveform" for its shape, but could also be a dancer in jewelry form, or even a genie appearing. What figure do you see in the curvy form? The lightly textured bronze pendant is suspended from a soft 3mm black rubber cord with friction closure, creating a striking contrast in materials. The Organic Waveform Pendant is abstract, hand sculpted, and freeform sculpture jewelry.