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Melasdesign Handmade Darkness

Chunky Bronze Star and Fire Orange Crystal Skull Earrings

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$29.15 USD

Sizzle a little with these handmade bronze star earrings accented with amazingly hot orange Swarovski crystal skulls. They are serious fun. The large, hand cut bronze stars have been treated with a special coating, so the bronze will never need polishing. The skulls are much smaller, but with a glow 10x their size! 

This listing is for ONE PAIR of “Chunky Bronze Star and Fire Orange Crystal Skull Earrings”
They're handmade, and not mass produced.

You get:
•These star and skull earrings measuring approximately 2.5″ long

The Presentation: These handcrafted skull and star earrings come in their own spiffy drawstring pouch, suitable for gift giving. 


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