dj pendant; 45 record adapter pendant; necklace; copper; handmade
DJ Pendant
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DJ Pendant

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Handmade enameled copper pendant with embossed shape of a classic 45 rpm record adapter on a copper chain necklace. If you recognize this shape you are a lucky person. This handmade copper enameled DJ pendant was made in the style of a 45 rpm record adapter - a must-have for music lovers up until the 80's when vinyl records ruled. The 45 adapter was quite a find for me, and the DJ Pendant will be for you. Everyone who sees the black cord necklace in person gives it a major thumb's up - usually preceded by a "Wow!" It's that slick. This is music jewelry. This original pendant makes a great music fan gift. It's must have retro jewelry design. Grab this copper DJ necklace and spin the night away. I dare say it's even suitable musician jewelry or a record store necklace for Record Store Day and the celebration of music on vinyl.

This listing is for ONE “DJ Pendant”
It’s a handmade copper DJ necklace, after all.

You get:
•This 45 Adapter Copper Pendant measuring approximately 1.25″ long
•One 18" copper chain necklace with lobster clasp

The Presentation: This original DJ jewelry in retro jewelry style comes wrapped in anti-tarnish cloth in its own spiffy drawstring pouch, suitable for gift giving. Perfect for presenting to DJs, it's musician jewelry too. The ultimate record store necklace.