Twinkling Tubes Necklace - Virginia / West Virginia Handmade art Jewelry - for sale by artist
Handmade jewelry; one-of-a-kind; elegant necklace; sculptural tube pendant in fine silver; ;; Fancy jewelry for formal occasion; Melasdesign Handmade Shop
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Elegant Twinkling Tube Necklace

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Elegant Twinkling Tubes Necklace - Formal "art necklace" with handmade one of a kind sculpture pendant in fine silver of three rolled and diagonally cut staked tube shapes overlapped by a waffle textured diagonal adornment on a delicate and glittering open weave sterling silver necklace. 18" Necklace. -- I admit it. I squealed when this one was finished. The Elegant Twinkling Tubes Necklace is one of my hand sculpted abstract form favorites. Add the gorgeous and airy woven wire necklace and it unofficially become the Totally Tubular Necklace. It's a formal art necklace with a one of a kind handmade sculptural pendant in fine silver. It shows my penchant for diagonals and indicates that I never really got over not being able to weave anymore (thank you, Myasthenia Gravis, not). I've brought that notion into the present in a whole different medium. The 3D pendant is airy and lightweight, with hollow tubes cut at interesting angles overlaid with a diagonal waffle texture adornment. It tops off the Sterling Silver tube weave necklace for some unique fancy jewelry. Squeal. I say. It is *totally* tubular jewelry, dude. Sorry. I heard Valley Girl on the radio the other day.... heheh. It's abstract art made into a formal sculpture necklace. Fun, fancy jewelry.

This listing is for ONE “Elegant Twinkling Tube Necklace”

It’s handmade and one of a kind, after all.

You get:
•This one of a kind Fine Silver pendant measuring approximately 1" long
•One 18" delicate woven Sterling Silver necklace, 3.8mm thick, with clasp closure.

The Presentation: Melasdesign Elegant Twinkling Tube Necklace comes wrapped in anti-tarnish cloth in its own spiffy drawstring pouch, suitable for gift giving.