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Gemini Approach Postcard

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Original watercolor art painted on a 4x6" postcard featuring a visionary abstract art journey into the zodiac sign of Gemini. -- This original art "Gemini Approach" postcard is a visionary art exploration of the zodiac sign Gemini. It's a 4x6 inch abstract watercolor painting in postcard format. The Gemini postcard is made of 100 lb. paper, which I've sealed so the painting won't run. The back of the zodiac sign abstract art postcard is printed with lines for the address and a square to aim the stamp at. That's in case you're actually going to mail it to someone and aren't spoiling yourself (and rightfully so) with new small format artwork for bulletin board, office space, or other small spaces. I made this visionary zodiac art with my own star sign of Gemini. That was the result of meditational painting in stream of consciousness. We're on the cusp of Gemini, as I write. I turn to this theme each year around this time, whether it's intentional or not. Another example of Gemini design goodness is my June Celebration fashion design on Society6.

• This listing is for ONE “Gemini Approach” zodiac sign abstract art postcard.
It’s handmade art, after all.

You get:
• This original, 4x6 inch, Gemini zodiac postcard.