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  • Moon Phase Trefoil Necklace; Melasdesign Handmade Darkness; Thomas WV; Alexandria VA; jewelry
  • witchy; moons; moon necklace; lunar phases; jewelry; goddess symbol
  • moon phase necklace; handmade jewelry; witchy; alternative; gothic necklace; copper; Melasdesign
  • moonphasetrefoilnecklacesarah1000.jpg  1000 × 1000px  moon phase trefoil necklace; handmade jewelry; witchy; alternative; gothic; Melasdesign
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Melasdesign Handmade Darkness

Moon Phase Trefoil Necklace

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$49.00 USD

Handmade stamped copper moon phase pendant with copper trefoil joining a fine, 18" long gunmetal silver chain with lobster clasp. The "Moon Phase Trefoil Necklace" features a handmade stamped copper moon phase pendant which hangs from a copper trefoil. The trefoil is reminiscent of the Wiccan witch's rune. It acts as a joining centerpiece for the fine 18" gunmetal silver chain, with lobster clasp closure.  Whether you just love the moon, or are a bit of a witch, this necklace can be dressed up or down. It's one of the many moons of Mela including this copper moon jewelry, plus earrings, bracelets, and even silk scarves for a moon ensemble outfit.

This listing is for ONE pair of “Moon Phase Trefoil Necklace”
It's handmade and individually assembled copper moon phase necklace.

The Presentation: This witchy moon necklace come wrapped in anti-tarnish cloth in its own purple drawstring pouch, suitable for gifting.