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Melasdesign Handmade Darkness

Ouija Board Planchette Yes No Earrings

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Spirit board Ouija inspired drop earrings decorated with Mela's own graphics. These fun witchy earrings bear the inscription "yes" and "no" combined with a classically inspired eye and energy rays streaming out from the planchet shapes view hole. What will these somewhat risque witchy fashion accessories tell you? Yes, or no? They are made of lightweight birch wood and hang on gunmetal French hooks. Don't miss the slightly risque version of these spirited earrings either. They might summon a different spirit. These original Melasdesign Handmade Darkness earrings make affordable gifts for anyone fascinated by the spirit world, be they young or more experienced in contacting the other side. 

This listing is for ONE PAIR of "Ouija Board Planchette Yes No Earrings

They're hand assembled, with a birch wood charm designed and manufactured in Mela's own basement.

You get:
• One pair of these original gothic earrings 

The Presentation: These original Melasdesign witchy / goth earrings come in their own spiffy drawstring pouch, suitable for gifting.