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Everyones A Little Weird in Thomas WV Stickers

Everyones A Little Weird in Thomas WV Stickers

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Ever been to Thomas, WV? Did you notice that special something about it? Did you finally feel at home when few (if any) other places made you feel that way? It might just be, because Everyone's a Little Weird in Thomas, WV. Melasdesign has commemorated this wonderful weirdness in the perfect 4x5" vinyl, all-weather sticker. It's boldly colorful with a mountain and river landscape with a stylized view of Front Street and the words "Everyone's a Little Weird in Thomas, West Virginia." 🖼️ If you're after something smaller, choose from the 3x3" holographic vinyl Front Street sticker, or the 3x3" vinyl WV sticker in WVU colors with a red, white, and blue outline, and a heart over Thomas.
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