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My Trump Fantasy – Political Satire in Art

Which do you prefer? Political satire Dadaist illustration in art concerning President Donald Trump (“My Trump Fantasy”), or the cuddly cuteness of Chewie the Yorkshire Terrier’s pet portrait by Susan Hicks? Read on as I explore this exercise in visual extremes through two portraits. Portrait art is something I’ve only ventured to get serious about in the last three years. Working digitally has allowed me freedom from neuromuscular difficulties. I’ve grown to love illustration.

Despite all the medical adventures (and misadventures) I suffered in 2018, despite all the people drama on the internet and closer, despite technology hating me with every circuit involved, and despite so many having an awful year, one thing overshadowed the 365 days; something of odd color (to even non-artistic types) and little solid content.

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Dadaist protest art regarding the not yet convicted crimes of President Donald Trump. Trump satirical illustration sold on posters, fashion, mugs, stickers, and more from Melasdesign on Society6

I donned my political satire artist cap and created the portrait below entitled “My Trump Fantasy.” It’s Dadaist illustration up for sale on Society6. This political art is about our current President Donald Trump specifically, and is not accusatory of those who voted for him (unless they actually do find themselves embodying any of the not-so-charming characteristics scribbled in below). Voting is a right and a duty, and I congratulate anyone who takes the time. Just as voting is such, speaking out with art (even Donald Trump art) is also a right and a duty for those inclined. The rest should be fairly self-explanatory. At the very least, I do not feel he embodies my own philosophy

As far as the cartoon goes, I’d had the idea since I created my well received design “Alternative Facts”  (Society6 / My own MAGA with “America” in Cyrillic). 

This artwork is available in my shop on Society6. It is part of the Political Angst Collection. It’s a bit of Dadaist illustration that packs a punch without being a portrait.

Alternative Facts Cyrillic – Political Satire Art by Melasdesign on Society6

I suspected what is now coming to the forefront in the news with the Mueller report even before the election, but needed to wait for the predictable to actually happen and be reported. Now we read, and wait. This has been a crashing rollercoaster of an administration.

When the time came to draw the presidential satirical portrait “My Trump Fantasy it was a nauseating experience. Even so, I felt it my duty to create this Dadaist illustration political satire art of Trump. The guy just isn’t very pretty! Yes, it really was necessary to use quite a bit of orange to get his face and hair looking anywhere near correct. That part had me giggling. It was a sort of giggle, gag, giggle, wretch experience. Suffering for portrait art by Melasdesign. 😉

Now a Cutie – Meet Chewie in his Pet Portrait

But enough ugliness! Onto a much more pleasing subject, by my way of thinking. My other final project of the year was a photorealistic drawing of Chewie, an adorable teacup Yorkshire Terrier. Using a photo on screen for visual reference, I declared the drawing done after about 22 hours drawing time. Wasn’t it a great model pic?

Chewie the Yorkie - Yorkshire Terrier Pet Portrait by Melasdesign as sold on Society6
Finished after 22 hours.

When my eyes work with me, and my hand control is normal, these are examples of my portrait art abilities.

The drawings in this post are achieved thanks to availability of an Android platform tablet computer with pressure sensitive stylus combined with the inexpensive and the wonderful drawing app ArtFlow, which gives me the ability to step backwards and “ignore” any wild mistakes in muscle control of from distorted vision. That said, isn’t it photo-realistic Yorkshire Terrier portrait? The Trump portrait is a bit soft focus. His pores are huge. I spared you that.

You can easily get your own print or pillow (or, or, or) featuring this Yorkshire Terrier portrait: “Chewie the Yorkie” on Society6.

Find out more about my off-site print-to-order shops, for small batch art prints, fashion, decor, and wearable tech from Melasdesign.



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