An Alternative Boutique with Designs by Artist Susan Hicks.
🌛🌝🌜 Your online source of witchy things for weird individuals, Halloween to gothic aesthetic, and WV cryptid core, made in West Virginia.

Changing Gears

A sale collection that signals a shift in focus for Melasdesign Handmade, narrowing online offerings to truly alternative themes, and combining the former Melasdesign Handmade Shop and Melasdesign Handmade Darkness. The mark-downs on these items are separate from the current site-wide Black Heart Sale for 10% Off with Code: BLACKHEART.

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gothic jewelry collection; goth jewelry; handmade; gothic; goth; witchy; alternative; jewelry; necklaces; earrings; Thomas WV; Melasdesign; Handmade; Darkness

Gothic Jewelry

Original, spooky handmade jewelry that always keeps the night with you.

Go Goth
Home Decor Accents; Melasdesign Handmade; hanging decor; suncatchers; alternative ornaments; moon phase hangings; bat ornaments; bat suncatchers; alternative decor; pagan decor; witchy decor; Thomas WV

Home Decor Accents

Handmade home decor accents from crystal ball stands to bronze moon phase hangings, illuminati eye ornaments to selenite crystal lamps, and more.

Accentuate Now
Many Moons of Mela Collection; handmade; jewelry; home decor accents; accessories; with moons; with crescent moons

The Many Moons of Mela

From witchy moon earrings and pagan necklaces, the collection's jewelry is stylishly empowering. Add some glow to your home with original moon phase hanging decor. Shoot the moon with original art, for sale by artist. There are even moon buttons!

Lasso the Moon

Mela's Eye Collection

Everything with Eyes from Melasdesign Handmade

Get an Eyefull

Cryptid Collection

A fancifully spooky collection of West Virginia cryptids!

Believe Here!
  • witchy / gothic pins; Melasdesign Handmade Darkness; Thomas WV; cryptids; ouija; ghost; paranormal; witchy; goth; alternative

    Witchy / Gothic Pins

    Pinback buttons with witchy / gothic themes from traditional magic to fun with attitude.

  • witchy; gothic; paranormal; hair accessories; barrettes; hair sticks; Melasdesign Handmade; bat barrettes

    Witchy Gothic Paranormal Barrettes and Hair Sticks

    Accessorize your hair with new original French Barrettes and Hair Sticks from Melasdesign Handmade Darkness.

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buttons; notions; Melasdesign; Melasdesign Handmade; DIY components; goth buttons; novelty buttons; witchy; pagan; cryptid; UFO;  for sewing; for knitting; for crochet; for DIY projects


Introducing the start of Melasdesign's DIY / Notions / Components Collection, currently offering birch wood buttons designed and made by Melasdesign in Mela's basement! That means made in the USA. Use these in your own handmade knitting, crochet, or sewing projects.

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You Can't Keep a Gemini Down

Off-Topic Merch

West Virginia Gifts

A Collection for the Mountain State

  • Thomas WV t-shirts
  • Thomas & WV Stickers
  • Lithophane Nightlights
  • WV Art

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