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Welcome to Melasdesign's world of creativity and imagination. Add some stardust to your shopping cart with original jewelry, felt fashion creations + surface design on silk fashion, home decor, and original paintings and drawings in Melasdesign Handmade Shop. Melasdesign Handmade Darkness is your on-site source for witchy things and gothic accessories: alternative jewelry, silk / fiber fashion, dark art, and a growing collection of stellar home decor accents. Lastly, on-site, Melasdesign offers DIY component buttons!

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Off-Site Shops

Last, but not least, are Melasdesign's off-site print-to-order shops:
Society6 - Melasdesign | Art of Where | CafePress | S6 - Mela at Midnight
For more about these - scroll down a few sections!

The Many Moons of Mela

Add some glow to your home with original moon phase hanging decor. From witchy moon earrings and pagan necklaces, the collection's jewelry is stylishly empowering. Shop gothic fashion accessories. Shoot the moon with original art, for sale by artist. There are even moon buttons!

Shoot the Moon
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Introducing the start of Melasdesign's DIY / Notions / Components Collection, currently offering birch wood buttons designed and made by Melasdesign in Mela's basement! That means made in the USA. Use these in your own handmade knitting, crochet, or sewing projects.

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  • Flare Dresses in Melasdesign's Witchy Gothic Clothes Collection


    Short, flirty flare dresses with witchy and gothic flare. Made to order for Melasdesign.

  • scarves from the Witchy Gothic Clothes Collection by Melasdesign; witchy scarves; gothic scarves; goth scarves


    Accessorize your witchy gothic clothes with long and square scarves available in a variety of fabrics.

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Off-Site Shops

Choose from three off-site Melasdesign print-to-order shops for a myriad of product choices. Melasdesign shops on Art of Where, Society6, and CafePress offer diverse product lines with art from Melasdesign, so the warehouse is handled by THEM, keeping the Melasdesign studio from bursting at the seams. Each purchase benefits the artist (at least a little). Read more about these shops below. Going handmade (see above) is the best way to support the artist.

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On-Street Shops and Galleries

Melasdesign is thrilled to be a part of these independently owned shops and galleries in the Thomas, WV area.

284 State Hwy 32 (Front Street), Thomas, WV 26292
Thomas WV ornaments, t-shirts, and keychains, WV themed lithophane night lights, moon phase hangings, felt vases, and short run graphic coffee mugs.

ArtSpring Shop
264 State Hwy 32 (Front Street), Thomas, WV 26292
Assorted jewelry, felt shape garlands, and hand dyed silk scarves.

Emerald Tree Boutique
415 William Ave, Davis, WV 26260
Moon Phase Hangings and Hand Dyed Silk Scarves

Tiny Llama
122 East Avenue, Thomas WV, 26292
Currently stocking buttons by Melasdesign.

Appalachian Oddities
468 Main Ave, Weston, WV 26452
Featuring Jewelry from Melasdesign Handmade Darkness

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