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🌛🌝🌜 An Alternative Boutique with Designs by Artist Susan Hicks 🌛🌝🌜
Your online source of witchy things for weird individuals, Halloween to gothic aesthetic, and WV cryptid core, made in West Virginia.

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Melasdesign; Melasdesign Handmade; alternative online boutique; gothic jewelry; art and decor accents; clothing; witchy tools; accessories; diy buttons


Made to order witchy-gothic clothing with Body-Con and Skater Dresses, T-shirts, Yoga Leggings, Crop Tees, Joggers, Wide Leg Pants, and Beanies.



Novelty Buttons for sewing with cryptid, witchy, and paranormal themes.

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buttons; notions; Melasdesign; Melasdesign Handmade; DIY components; goth buttons; novelty buttons; witchy; pagan; cryptid; UFO;  for sewing; for knitting; for crochet; for DIY projects


Introducing the start of Melasdesign's DIY / Notions / Components Collection, currently offering birch wood buttons designed and made by Melasdesign in Mela's basement! That means made in the USA. Use these in your own handmade knitting, crochet, or sewing projects.

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  • In Thomas, Davis, and Weston, West Virginia

    • Emerald Tree Boutique 415 William Ave, Davis, WV 26260 🌜 Jewelry, Hair Accessories, Sphere Holders, Witchy & Cryptid Pins, Hanging Decor, Scarves
    • Sister Witches Crafting Company 358 William Avenue, Davis, WV 26260 🌜 Layered Wood Art, Sigil Pins
    • Appalachian Oddities 468 Main Ave, Weston, WV 26452 🌜 Ornaments, Pins, Hair Accessories, Sphere Holders
    • ArtSpring Shop 264 State Hwy 32 (Front Street), Thomas, WV 26292 🎨 Artwork, Jewelry, WV Mountains Diorama, Thomas T-shirts, WV Ornaments, WV Pins, WV Nightlights
    • Tiny Llama 122 East Avenue, Thomas WV, 26292 🌜 Wood Buttons
    • McClumsy's 284 State Hwy 32, Thomas, WV 26292 🏃‍♂️ Everyone's a Little Weird in Thomas Stickers
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  • Lovably Accurate!

    Get this incredibly accurate sticker (and others) on-site.

    Thomas and WV Stickers 

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