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  • Flatwoods Monster Cryptid Earrings in Red Green; cryptid collection; Melasdesign Handmade Darkness; Braxie earrings; Braxton County Monster Earrings; cryptid earrings; West Virginia; Melasdesign Handmade Darkness; folklore; alien
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  • Melasdesign; Thomas WV; Braxie; Flatwoods Monster
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Melasdesign Handmade Darkness

Flatwoods Monster Cryptid Earrings in Red Green

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Celebrating cryptids of West Virginia, these alternative sci-fi earrings feature the Flatwoods Monster, aka the Braxton County Monster, aka Braxie. Legend has it that this 10 foot tall, levitating creature appeared in Flatwoods, WV on various occasions in the 1950's. It's legend (or truth?) has since become mired in West Virginia cryptid lore. These Flatwoods Monster Cryptid Earrings in Red Green are designed and made in Thomas, WV as part of the Cryptid Fashion Accessories Collection from Melasdesign Handmade Darkness.

You Get:
One pair of Flatwoods Monster earrings.