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Spiderweb Crystal Skull Earrings
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Melasdesign Handmade Darkness

Spiderweb Crystal Skull Earrings

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Sparkly, champagne colored Swarovski crystal skulls compliment the spooky vibe set by birch wood spiderweb beads. The spiderweb beads are composed in a reflected orientation for a balanced and symmetrical earring design. The earrings dangle from nobium ear wires and feature spiderweb and spider shapes by Melasdesign. They'll add a bit of flash and occult mystery to your spooky outfit.

This listing is for ONE PAIR of “Spiderweb Crystal Skull Earrings”
They're individually hand assembled including components designed and made by Melasdesign.

You get:
•These skull and spiderweb earrings measuring approximately 1.75″ long

The Presentation: These original Melasdesign earrings come in their own spiffy drawstring pouch, suitable for gifting.